Be Free!!

As I watched a YouTube video today I learnt something that illuminated my mind. Something that has been around and you’ve probably heard about but has never been addressed extensively.

I watched Anne Kamsiime quote J.J Okocha when he said:

“Morning is the time you wake up!”

Meaning that we all have different mornings and it’s on us to wake up and do something substantial. Within that same sentence it also implies that it’s possible for some people to wake up earlier than others that’s why comparison never makes sense.

To be honest, I have been so scared: “What will he say”, “what will she say“, “I hope they like me”, “I hope they are not so hard on me” But the truth is:

a)You will never please God by living for people’s approval
b) You will never live your dream by living for people’s approval
c) Sadly it won’t make them like you by living for their approval.

And lastly, those critics!!! Those same mean people , those that delight in scorn and laughing at your hustle ,negativity carriers, vision busters!!…. those people……
I discovered they all have one thing in COMMON: They are all not Successful!
It takes a certain character to wear a crown and keep it.
I have decided to chart my course, pursue my God-given dreams and not let anything stand in my way.

Be Free